T-Project Training & Lab offers pattern-making, product development and training classes with Italy’s most famous pattern makers and expert technicians.

Our Lab will host training courses for students and professionals, primarily for product development, but also for product managers, designers, merchandisers and line builders who want learn about Italian expertise in designing and producing luxury goods.

Our courses will cover the full spectrum of the development and production cycle of luxury goods, from 3D computer prototypes, to what materials are best for diverse applications and purposes, different techniques, along with the latest computer applications. The mastery of molding and expert craftsmanship is paired with the latest technologies for design in the leather, accessories and jewelry industries.  

Corporate Training

Upon request, T-Project can organize private courses directly at the headquarters of companies.

This ensures, in addition to strict confidentiality and privacy, the possibility to customize lessons according to the specific needs of the company. Get help and guidance directly for your innovation pain points, focusing all of the attention on improving details, and keep your latest creations under wraps.  


We are the only Italian production hub in New York City to model samples directly in our Lab.

T-Project Lab is equipped with professional-quality machinery that allow us to model a first sample in just a few days. On request, our experts can provide clients with a real prototype of their design. This way they can better understand the measurements, dimensions, characteristics and details of all their pieces, speeding up the process and making production easier and more efficient, ultimately saving both costs and time.

More than services, we offer targeted solutions. T-Project was established in New York City to assist our clients as much as possible; we are here to share our expertise, experience and know-how with the world’s most creative designers. We will work with our clients to anticipate their needs, so they avoid hassles and enjoy a smoother production cycle experience.