Handbag Course IN NEW YORK CITY

Leather Handbag Course  

Master Instructor: Raphael Lombardo

Location: T-Project Showroom • Garment District • New York City

Duration: 5 Weekdays / Monday – Friday

Mr. Raphael Lombardo will cover all basic training subjects and pattern-making module, focusing on the processes of production of different types of handbags constructions and the materials used in each stage of the process. Participants will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in techniques, equipment, and the technology used to create different styles in handbag design.

Beyond construction, creators must define their mood overarching all of their designs, and understand the different needs satisfied by great handbags, how they are used and enjoyed, what compels women to buy and love handbags – both the passion for fashion but also the solution of practical needs through your innovative designs.

Through live demonstrations and practice tests, they learn how to translate original concepts into finished luxury handbags, focusing in particular on the aesthetics of the design and all the important characteristics that comprise a fine handbag. Participants also learn the strategy of a hypothetical brand (which they can create for their own bags) and the positioning in the market, assuming costs, target, price point, ideal sales channels, and more.

Course Objectives

Obtain a greater understanding of the processes of production of different types of handbag constructions. Gain deeper knowledge of the materials used in each stage of the process. Have an opportunity to refocus the experience and progress in a job that requires the ability to thoroughly analyze the product and interact with professional engineers from the overseas manufacturing in sample rooms and factories


A prior experience in the handbag industry is beneficial but not required to attend this course.

Training materials are provided by T-Project.

Participants will also receive complimentary swatches of leather skins, samples from our large selection, along with other useful materials for future reference.


For more information, please contact: giovanni@t-projectshowroom.com