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30 Years of Market Expertise

Laura Chini has over three decades of experience as an expert in the Tuscan leather-goods industry. She possesses an unparalleled understanding of the production process and the dynamics of the Tuscan leather district manufacturing system from when it was born; a system that encompasses over 2,500 factories specialized in producing luxury handbags and leather accessories in and around Florence, Italy.

Trusted Overseer

Ms. Chini is also a management consultant for International fashion brands that she introduces personally to select factories, which are entrusted with the production of their leather goods. Frequent visits, and constant communication with the factories are the keys for a long-lasting and productive partnership based on trust. For over 6 years, she coordinated Gucci's supply chain management between productions in Italy.

Network Catalyst

Ms. Chini has emerged as a pivotal figure in the development of factory networks, the newest concept in regional production. Each factory maintains an independent structure, but works within a network headed by a leading factory that is specialized in prototype development and the production cycle.

To date, Laura Chini has been involved in the organization of six networks of factories, including a total of 72 companies employing 1200 people. Her skills, vision and know-how have optimized the production process. Through the strategic placement of machinery, contract renegotiation and financing, Ms. Chini has heightened efficiency and competitiveness.

Training Innovations

Since 2005, Laura has been the director of the Alta Scuola di Pelletteria Italiana in Florence (School of Italian Leather Goods). During her tenure, she has transformed the school into a creative lab, where students master the art of making accessories from design, development, production and quality control.  The school has become a fertile ground for veteran professionals to transfer centuries-old knowledge, dating back to the Medici family, to a new generation of artisans.  Founding partners of the school, along with local institutions are Gucci, Prada and Céline.

Recently Ms. Chini has accepted a new collaboration with Palazzo Pucci Events & Academy in Florence, Italy. Palazzo Pucci Fashion Academy is an academy of excellence, equipped with the latest technologies and a program that fully meets the needs of today’s fashion accessories market. As a co-founder, she is responsible for all aspects related to the high-level training of professional figures for the fashion business.