Bridge between Italy and the USA

T‐Project was founded by Laura Chini, a leading expert of the Tuscan leather goods industry in Italy and with the support of U.S. and Italian partners. They have assembled a network of top‐quality leather companies, skilled manufacturers, expert technicians, consultants and a trained multilingual team to establish T-Project as a bridge between the two countries.

Consulting Through Full-Service Production Guidance

Mrs. Chini consults as a production manager for International fashion brands that she introduces personally to selected factories, that later will be entrusted with the production of their leather goods. Frequent visits, and constant communication with the factories are the keys for a long-lasting and productive partnership based on trust.

Thanks to her know-how and decades of experience, T-Project has selected some of the most important and innovative Italian companies, able to offer 360-degree-service to American brands.