Founded in 2011, T-Project promotes the excellence of Made in Italy materials and production of leather good and fashion accessories, providing American designers with full access to a large network of artisans and master craftsmen.

IN NEW YORK: T‐Project has a representative showroom conveniently located in the Garment District, where a professional consulting and sales team can assist you in sourcing the best materials, liaise during your production and show you the latest collections of T‐Project partners. T‐Project also offers patternmaking, product development and training classes with Italy’s most famous pattern makers and expert technicians.

IN TUSCANY: T‐Project offers targeted solutions to your company production needs. We can provide exceptional support during concept, design, modeling, prototyping and sampling, connecting you with the companies that best meet your needs and understand your product. As a complete consulting service, from the initial nascent ideas of your collection theme, to the stages of creation into final production, shipment, and follow‐up, T‐Project is by your side, simplifying the entire process. As T‐Project was designed to facilitate Italian production for clients here in the States, our work in Italy is not cornered at any office, but rather, wherever you need us to be.

The Italian founders of T‐Project are all professionals, already involved with the daily activities of their companies, leadership roles and professions. You can meet our founders and facilitators directly at the factories, where you can check on‐site what production houses do and how they work. That is always the best way to better understand how to develop your prototype and later on during the complete production. We are focused on your brand getting the best of Made in Italy, so it’s vital we focus on where your ideas come to fruition.